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Awaken the mind to a dead god break the laws of soon forgotten deities Recall the days when you were guilted to submit For nothing you serve, nothing you are, forever in this void Taken by these thoughts alone To a place where you are god A temple of none, a path of few The choice you make is made by will Cold to this world, Removed from its gods Extinct is a place of peace, peace without them Extended bridge to the Believer: “murder me in my sleep historic lines drawn quicker Feeding lies bleeding me a new era is born Cannot feel the life beyond this faith is all I’ve ever known A bleeding life forgotten stains in the oblivion of time”
Already Dead 04:58
Life coming apart reaching to lies to get back to start Blind to the truth I seek my redemption through excessive use Try to figure it out but all I’m left with is constant doubt Drugged my rational declines reliving my past forever I’m blind Down depression my friend, its firm grip is having no end Court my life but its cold no warmth is found where there is no soul Bait the end of me I’ve said my fair wells to my enemies Choked, the rope hung well, it’s time to welcome my coming hell It’s the beginning of the end and the lords dead to me Gods turn their backs to men broken by the earth It’s the beginning of the end the birth of insanity I can tell by the look on your face that I’m already dead
Bleached the blood from the bone No longer myself, can’t tell right from wrong Built by this attrition Faith buried below the floor out of the sight of gods Fate’s coming after me A martyr to no one Impulse to react Turn the knife I’m gone I grieve for the life I lost - this cold is me The love is gone as I grow old – I’m laid in the ground In the ground I lay a thousand years to become no one My love is gone, my hate is all, I’m lost to time Let go of all mortal life I am the savior in your blight The hatred has taken control This is your demise to behold Breached death’s coming after me There is no escape from this, impatient I’ve become Broken by this condition Failing to find peace, descending till I’m gone
Death Rights 03:36
The time is up enough denying The end is here there is no use trying the irrational thoughts of a fallen lord Broke crown to wear, deaf songs to sing, spoken lies no more Death rights begin - the search for a god Silence confirms truth - the predictable Nothing answers the call - the journey the same Light down to black, down in dirt, this life has no meaning Voided life because of creed Destroyed the world for what’s not seen The end is here - no salvation Death comes to all the time is here this is the nothingness this is your fear deep now among the forgotten dirt this is the holiness - this is your worth
Awaiting the lies, becoming disgusted, it’s a low and shallow life Passing the time observing false virtues Intelligence is forsaken Hate the cause Hate the country The minds of the despised Repeating behavior a rising depression Bring a tide of certain death Lost to the noise of the screams of the dying It’s time to bring an end Chorus Lay down the cross burn down the steeples Reject the lies told for the feeble Crucify your thoughts as you’ll no longer need them Incinerate ideals of destructive egos hate the god hate the religion Destitute is the destination Repeating behavior a rising depression Bring a tide of certain death Bridge Dead minds (bring) Our Demise Dead to the world gone from the noise A traveler to the realm of nowhere
I want you to feel this horror in me Within consequence of insanity No longer given hope to solutions never found Dehumanize demoralize as reality drowns This is the fire the flame that beckons you It’s coming closer to what you’ve always knew Let go of guilt and embrace the pain Ascend upon your place and deny, deny the sane Broken life broken hopes the dream is dead Nothing left but the rage within your head Let it out upon the world indiscriminately Incinerate the world tonight accelerate the need Ending You’ve gone through hell salvation's in violence You’ve lost desire in hate you’ve found the light Severed ties from everyone, you give your life to me this flesh is now my own as I become the flame
Life demands nothing and nothing we gave A dismal path to solace a path so depraved Frightened masses now awake - enraged too late Too late to change the course, nothing left to make Look in these eyes and see the terror they hide Trapped with no way out, fate’s sweet destruction not to be denied We’ve tried - This time it’s done We find – nothingness the sum Broken in the secrets of fate’s oblivion Consequence controlling this outcome Dead alone - in the end of this choice, in the end of this life Dead alone - no one saw this coming, no one saw, the end of humanity
Rotting alone despite collective thought Arrogance and delusion end up distraught Come to life, come to death, it matters not Death done and be forgotten within these thoughts Light alone broken by the dead of night Rotting within forgotten by the eternal fight Disregard the past, dead ideals never win Repeating over, forever lost within Disgusted with yourself Broken dreams when you reach your hell Diseased ego comes apart Lies bring no comfort Destroy your life its over Can’t control your thoughts when you are sober When there are other strings beyond the fantasy The coming of your end will be your final regret
Slept with faith - found a corpse Push this fear - out to sea Drank away - no recourse Into this hearse - of insanity Apprehend - Cease to be Feeling Dread - Aware of morality Process begins – Existential void Morbid thoughts – of perditious ends Death comes for all in their finality Taking lives of all there is no clemency Will you be forever in this hell to suffer? Forever in the cell of anxiety Or will you live today? denial will not end the reality emotion declines - the callous has rust infect the mind - with obsessing Deny this fear – a phobic mind endeavor this path – to controlling time
UC3 04:50
Stabbed dead - you thought this was for fun - wanted beloved Hacked limbs - misguided adventure this is the last one Committed to this choice - to take another life Controlling the scene – deep water murdering Cold drowned in the steel - guilt is not felt here Destroyed life - can’t keep back your regret - destroy the evidence Bagged up - remains of human flesh - into to the sea she’s thrown Decomposition on the ocean floor Thoughts gone, thoughts no more UC3 was your final decent Below the water you make your death bed
Destruction for nothing Destruction within Pulling my life apart again and again Results the same Regrets demand my attention Tortured soul without end The pain is ever lasting I Cannot make, I will not make amends It’s coming apart just one more thread Give away all that I am Broken apart I’m standing dead The walls are standing still Before I descend I hope, I want the world to burn Destruction begins, I am free From becoming what they wanted It’s coming apart just one more thread Gave away all that I am This is a life for you the only one you will ever get This is a life for you and it was lived with nothing but regrets And pain is over now I’m gone For the loneliness that came for all Alone in my own misery


“Thanatophobia,” deals with the reliance on religion as a mechanism to satisfy the human ego’s desire to attribute meaning to one’s existence and pacify the feelings of discomfort in the unknown – in life and in death.


released February 1, 2019

Mike Connors - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Anthony Rouse - Drums
All Songs Written by Mike Connors
Engineered by Mike Connors
Mix and Mastered by Magnus Andersson of Endarker Studio Sweden
Art by Misanthropic-Art


all rights reserved



Unendlich Maryland

Inspired by one-man Black Metal bands, Unendlich is the sole creation of multi-instrumentalist Michael Connors. Unendlich’s style retains the chaotic aggression and brutality of black metal tempered with Connors’ signature melodic edge, recalling the halcyon days of extreme metal. ... more

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